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Hartelijk welkom bij het United Basketball Talent Tournament 2023 dat op 9 en 10 september plaats gaat vinden in Sportcentrum de Kooi in Bemmel. Op deze pagina vind je alle informatie voor het toernooi. Deze informatie is vanwege de internationale belangstelling in het Engels.

Voor het toernooi maken we gebruik van Tournify, via de gele knop hiernaast open je de pagina met het programma en de livestanden. Er is ook een mobiele app van Tournify beschikbaar waarin je de informatie kunt volgen. Deze is in het Nederlands, Engels en Duits beschikbaar.

Als er vragen zijn, neem gerust contact met ons op via tournament@unitedbasketball.nl.

Welcome to the United Basketball Talent Tournament 2023 that will take place on September 9 and 10 at Sportcentrum de Kooi in Bemmel. On this page you will find all the information for the tournament. This information is in English due to international interest.

For the tournament we use Tournify, via the yellow button on the right you can open the page with the program and live standings. There is also a mobile app of Tournify available in which you can follow the information. This is available in Dutch, English and German.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us at tournament@unitedbasketball.nl. 

Herzlich willkommen zum United Basketball Talent Tournament 2023, das am 9. und 10. September im Sportcentrum de Kooi in Bemmel stattfinden wird. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle Informationen zu diesem Turnier. Aufgrund des internationalen Interesses sind diese Informationen auf Englisch.

Für das Turnier benutzen wir Tournify, über den gelben Button rechts können Sie die Seite mit dem Programm und den Live-Ranglisten öffnen. Es gibt auch eine Tournify-App für Mobiltelefone, mit der Sie die Informationen verfolgen können. Sie ist in Niederländisch, Englisch und Deutsch verfügbar.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben, können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden: tournament@unitedbasketball.nl. 


We will play in our lovely venue, Sportcentrum de Kooi. Where we will have 3 playing-courts.


  • Duration of the games is 25 minutes, running time.
  • You’ve 5 minutes between the games to change courts and short warm-up.
  • Substitutions need to go quickly, but only on ‘dead’moments and on the signal of the scorerstable and referees.
  • 4th personal foul is out
  • We’re not working with team-fouls
  • No shotclock, but when an offense is unsportsmanlike long the referees will countdown from 5 seconds.
  • Each teams have 1 time-out of 30 seconds, but can’t be taken in the last 3 minutes.
  • The consequences of a disqualifying foul will be decided by the tournament director.
  • The general basketball rules of the FIBA are in place.


The teams need to bring there own balls for warm-up (please note there is a limited time for warm-up). The organization will provide a game-ball.


We are very pleased that we have a partnership with the Dutch Basketball Federation (NBB). They will provide the referees for our games, they will also be supervised and provided with feedback.


Each team need to provide 1 person at their own game to score the match. 1 person will control the scorebord and the other will count the points on the scoresheet.


There is an good kanteen in De Kooi where you can buy (sports)drinks and food. You can pay cash and with PIN. It’s not allowed to bring food to the playing zones, only on the stands and in the kanteen.

We will provide apples during the tournament for players and visitors.


We will organize a pasta-lunch, the costs are € 12,50 per person and need to booked the latest 1st of September. Please ask your coach/teammanager to organize it or contact us by e-mail: tournament@unitedbasketball.nl


We’re guests in Bemmel and we will make it a great tournament, but that’s something that we need to do together. Please make sure you drop your garbage in the garbagebins and take all the stuff with you.


There will be first aid in the venue during the whole tournament, they are there for accidents and not for pyshio purposes. If you need to get taped or something, please arrange that by yourself!


During the tournament we will make videos and photos for promotion purposes.


Our tournament is sold-out, we are very proud to have all these teams at our tournament:

Men U14 Men U16 Men U18-19 Women U21
1 United Academy United Academy United Academy U19 United Academy
2 Heroes Basketball Academy Heroes Basketball Academy Heroes Basketball Academy Batouwe Basketball
3 Lokomotief Lokomotief BV Hoofddorp High Five Tilburg
4 BBC Osnabrück BBC Osnabrück Rotterdam Basketball BV Katwijk
5 Elite Academy Antwerp Celertias-Donar Elite Academy Antwerp Utrecht Cangeroes
6 Celeritas-Donar Elite Academy Antwerp Red High Five Tilburg Trajanum
7 Basketball Academy Utrecht Elite Academy Antwerp White United Academy U18
8 MBCA Amstelveen Almere Pioneers BonnRhondorf
9 Rotterdam Basketball BonnRhondorf Dusseldorf U19
10 Almere Pioneers MCBA Amstelveen MBCA Amstelveen

Tournament Info:

9 & 10 september 2023
9:00 – 18:00
Sportcentrum de Kooi, Bemmel

Main tournament info:

Saturday 9-9 for Men U14 and U16
Sunday 10-9 for Men U18/19 and Women

Venue: De Kooi, Sportlaan 3 Bemmel

Referees by the Dutch Federation (NBB)
Scorers by the playing teams

Participation fee: € 130,-

Doors open: 30 minutes before 1st game

First aid is available during the tournament


By e-mail:

By phone:
Steven Teunissen +31 (0)6 48 16 00 22
Wim v/d Geijn +31 (0)6 21 30 17 14